Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you looking for some kitchen design ideas to add life to an old or boring kitchen? Need some inspiration while planning a kitchen remodel or refresh?

Whether your kitchen is old and tired, or sleek and modern, sometimes it can be difficult to make this heart of our home truly feel welcoming and homey. Modern or contemporary kitchens can feel cold.  Farmhouse or rustic kitchens can feel old without the right decorative touches. And eclectic or country spaces can end up feeling cluttered and messy.

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Here are four straightforward ways to bring personality and cohesion to your kitchen design:  

  1. STYLE - First, select  your kitchen style to unify the space.  
  2. MOTIF - Second, choose a regional or themed design motif to add personality.
  3. ACCESSORIES - Third, use carefully selected decor and accessories in your motif to liven up your kitchen.
  4. UTILITY - Finally, integrate kitchen design ideas for any specific challenges you might have in your kitchen, such as dealing with a small space, having functional storage or organizational solutions, etc

Each of these approaches are covered in more detail in the sections below.

Remember: you don't necessarily have to do a kitchen remodel to add some gloss to your kitchen space! Keep reading the site - we'll show you some fun ways to add style with decor and accessories.

1. Select a style to unify your kitchen

Choosing a style will help give a more cohesive look to your kitchen, and can help focus your kitchen design ideas.

Kitchen styles overview

These are some of the most common kitchen styles:

Contemporary kitchens

A contemporary kitchen style is sleek and minimal, often featuring contrasting colors such as darker cabinets and white countertop. Appliances are usually a smooth stainless steel.

Modern kitchen ideas

Like the contemporary kitchen, a modern kitchen is usually sleek and minimal with flat surfaces and geometric designs.  It can also incorporate midcentury modern design from the middle of last century.

Farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens usually feature white cabinets, big farmhouse sinks, and are designed for cooking and enjoying food with family.  

If you prefer a softer farmhouse style which is not quite so casual, then the French Country kitchen design may be the perfect fit.

Rustic kitchen

A rustic kitchen incorporates weathered wood, "shabby chic" painted furniture, and rugged stone.  A rustic kitchen is casual and inviting.

Scandinavian kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen design is usually predominantly white, with modern lines and light, natural materials.

Eclectic kitchen

As the name implies, an eclectic kitchen incorporates a combination of different styles to make the owner's personality really shine through.  However, this can be a difficult style to pull off without it looking messy or cluttered.

English country kitchen

Like the farmhouse kitchen style, an english country kitchen focuses on celebrating the function of food and family.  But english country kitchens do this by incorporating fabrics and china or ceramics with traditional english floral or gingham patterns.

Colorful kitchen

If you love color, then a colorful kitchen style can be a great way to bring personal cohesion to your kitchen design.

Industrial kitchen

An industrial kitchen design may incorporate exposed brick and pipes, industrial scale or retro appliances, with high ceilings and bright lighting.

2. Add kitchen personality with a themed design motif

Using kitchen decoration themes

Kitchen decoration themes can be a great way to add a little personality and homeliness to your kitchen. Use themes to show your own preferences: a Tuscan theme for the wine lover, rooster designs or sunflower decor for a farmhouse style, chef kitchen decor for home cooks, coffee shop motif for a coffee bistro lover, and chocolate and cupcakes for a sweet tooth.

You can also use your favorite color or prints to add warmth to the kitchen space, or use plants such as succulents in kitchen decor.

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Modern kitchen decorating

Modern kitchens are sleek and minimal by design, but they can also feel cold and unwelcoming. A design motif for the accessories can add just the right touch of warmth and personality to a modern kitchen without detracting from the sleek style.

Regional kitchen design ideas

Another way to add character to a kitchen space is to apply a regional kitchen design. For example, that could include a southwestern kitchen, asian kitchen design, african american kitchen decor, or a european kitchen motif (eg, Italian / Tuscan, French, etc).

3. Use home decor & accessories to liven your kitchen design

Regardless of the theme or motif you select to embellish your kitchen, decor and accessory touches can add both life and function to your kitchen design.

Learn more about types of home decor for the kitchen.

Apply these kitchen decor tips to add personality without clutter.

Use kitchen linens and decor, such as decorative kitchen towels, as a way to add a splash of color or life to a cold-feeling or older kitchen space.

Learn how using color in your kitchen can bring the space to life.

4. Design for unique kitchen challenges

Kitchens often present a host of unique design challenges to meet specific functional requirements. For example:

  • Small kitchen ideas
  • DIY kitchen design
  • Free or cheap kitchen design ideas
  • Budget kitchen make over
  • Kitchen storage & organization

I hope that these kitchen design ideas have helped sparked some creative style approaches that you can apply to your own kitchen needs.

For more ideas, take a look over the other articles on our site to learn more about how to use kitchen linens and other affordable kitchen decor to bring attractive design themes into the heart of your home.