Rooster Kitchen Decor

How to decorate your kitchen with a rooster theme

Rooster kitchen decor evokes a French country or farmhouse kitchen. This is a great theme to use if your kitchen design is reminiscent of a French country kitchen, or if you'd like to add some French country style to your kitchen space.

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Here are some tips for adding rooster design elements to your kitchen:

1. Select one or two signature pieces

This might be a beautiful rooster pottery figurine on your island, backsplash tiles or mural, a rooster cookie jar or canister on your counter, or a lovely piece of wall art.

For example, this rooster figurine could be a centerpiece on a kitchen island, breakfast bar, or countertop.

Then mirror the colors or designs from the piece in the rest of your kitchen for a cohesive look.

In this case, the gold decorative design on the base could be reflected in elements elsewhere in the kitchen.

Or other accessories could reflect a similar cream-colored rooster, or pull in the red from his crown in other accents.

As another example, the blue and white rooster design canisters below bring in a subtle rooster theme into the kitchen, which can be reflected with other blue and white pottery pieces or other blue and white accessories.

2. Unify with color

Tie in the rest of your kitchen with accent colors pulled from your signature piece.

The blue and white rooster canisters above would look lovely in a kitchen with other blue and white pottery accents, such as plates on a shelf, fruit bowl, plant pots, etc.

3. Include subtle rooster echos

Add the rooster element in more subtle ways in other kitchen accents, such as in the jug on the counter here.  You can use a subtle rooster motif in linens, floor mats, curtains, tea towels, or many other ways.

Make sure these secondary elements support your signature piece and don't fight with it (similar colors, more muted design, smaller scale, etc).

4. Add whimsy with related elements

Mix up your kitchen decor with other whimsical pieces that may include roosters or related elements.

For example: chickens, farmhouses, sunflowers, country cookbooks, etc.

5. Use a contemporary rooster theme

Even in a more modern kitchen, you can add rooster decor without having to go too country: use metal rooster silhouettes, or geometric rooster-looking designs.

6. Add seasonal or other timely interest

Rotate your decor items to add interest to your kitchen, rather than displaying them all at once which could overpower the space. 

You might choose seasonal rooster elements, such as a harvest theme in the fall, or a spring chicken theme in the spring, or incorporate sunflowers in summer.

Rooster kitchen decor accessories

There are many ways to include rooster kitchen decor elements in your home:

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