Kitchen Wall Decor

Use kitchen wall decor to make this heart of your home more welcoming and fun. Kitchens can have a tendency to feel cold and impersonal. Utilize your empty wall space to add a bit of personality and interest. Your kitchen wall art can be functional as well, incorporating shelves or hooks for pretty yet useful items.

These are just some ideas for creative kitchen wall decor:

Above-cabinet decor

Make use of that unused above-cabinet wall space to add some decorative touches, like this Bon Appetit sign and potted plant.

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Decorative Tiles

There are many ways to use decorative tiles as kitchen wall decor. You can highlight pretty tiles in your backsplash, above the stove or as a featured item to hang on the wall.

Decorative Backsplash

This yellow kitchen may be a bit too bold for some people, but there are many ways to use a decorative backsplash as a wall decor element, such as these poster/tiles.

Kitchen wall decor ideas

Here are some ideas for kitchen wall decor from the shop, Kazoo Decor:

Wall Decals

Add wall decals or art that highlight your kitchen theme, like these whimsical butterflies.

Decorative Shelves

Add small open shelves to your kitchen wall to showcase plants, knickknacks, beautiful dishware, and other pretty accents.

Framed Printouts

Find printables of inspirational quotes, funny sayings, kitchen rules, recipes or other related content, frame them and hang on the wall.

Kitchen Theme Lettering

Feature a big neon sign, or add a kitchen-theme word using large wooden or metal letters.

Hanging Plants

Build a plant wall, add wall-mounted planters for herbs, or use hanging pots to add greenery in front of your wall or window.

Wooden Plaques

Hang wooden plaques featuring clever kitchen sayings, inspirational quotes, or kitchen gadgets or utensils.

Decorative Plates

Decorate your empty wall with pretty hanging plates.

This example goes all-out with a display of plates, saucers and cups as well!

Kitchen Themed Wall Art

You can find all kinds of kitchen-themed wall canvases, drawings or photographs, or create some yourself.

Find art that features food items, like this pomegranate art set, or any other topic that ties into your kitchen decor theme.

Shadow Boxes

Mount shadow boxes or a tiny wall cabinet to showcase pretty accents like plants, trinkets or decorative kitchen items.

Wall Clock

Add a large feature wall clock, or create a gallery of decorative clocks mounted on your wall.

Accent Wall

Use wallpaper or a pretty paint color on an accent wall. Here, the unused wall space of this narrow galley kitchen is decorated with a tropical leafy wallpaper and a mirror to bring life and brightness to what could otherwise be a dingy space.

Wall Cutouts

In this kitchen, wall cutouts bring in light, add interest to what would otherwise be a boring grey wall, and offer both functional and decorative shelves for pretty knickknacks combined with useful kitchen items.