How to Decorate with Lemon Kitchen Decor

Lemon kitchen decor adds a lovely bright pop, especially in a white kitchen.

You can simply add a bowl of lemons to your kitchen counter, and get the added bonus of their delicate fresh scent.

Or go with a full lemon lime kitchen theme, and decorate with coordinating lemon decor towels, floor mats, window curtains, wall art, table coverings, and other accessories.

Keep reading for some ideas on how to brighten your kitchen using lemon kitchen decor.

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1. Add some lemon design dishware

Lemon dishware is a popular way to add lemon kitchen decor to your dining space. In the photo above they have combined it with a white bowl of lemons, and a vase of white flowers with tiny yellow centers that reflect the same color combination in a different way.

2. Use lemon branches as a table centerpiece

The lovely table layout above uses lemons combined with greenery to create a lemon branch table centerpiece.  The yellow of the lemons is reflected in the delicate lemon yellow flowers in the napkins.

3. Pair lemons with blue and white ceramic

In the functional kitchen decor above, a few lemons in a lemon-shaped dish, and the blue-and-white tiles in the background make an attractive design.  The yellow of the lemons is reflected in the vintage olive oil canister labels.

4. Showcase lemons in some pretty china

Here, they make use of a pretty decorative china dish to coordinate with the lemon decor by piling fresh lemons in the dish.

5. Choose coordinating lemon kitchen decor accessories

This coordinating lemon decor set features a lemon themed oven mitt and potholder, with ceramic lemon-shaped salt and pepper shakers, and lemon shaped measuring cups.

6. Add some lemon design kitchen towels

An easy way to add lemon kitchen decor to your space is by adding some pretty kitchen towels in a lemon design. These white towels feature lemon tree branches, and are both a functional and attractive addition to your kitchen.