Coffee Kitchen Decor

Are you a coffee lover?  Then use coffee kitchen decor to add personality to your home.

This theme will work well with a home coffee bar so your kitchen really reflects that coffee house vibe!

There are many ways to add coffee kitchen decorations:

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  • Bring the feeling of a European bistro with cafe decor,
  • Use coffee house kitchen decor to reflect your favorite coffee shop environment,
  • Choose rustic coffee decor to fit in with a farmhouse themed kitchen,
  • Vintage coffee decor will take you back in time to old-world coffee shops,
  • Use coffee wall decor to finish your kitchen bistro theme,
  • Add a decorative shelf and display some cute coffee cups, like this Cat Person coffee mug below,
  • Add some cute coffee themed kitchen curtains,
  • Plant coffee cups with herb plants or succulents,
  • Use coffee house kitchen canisters or other accents to accessorize your kitchen.

Let's cover each of these in turn:

Cafe Decor

What kitchen elements make you think of a welcoming cafe environment?

What do you find inviting about your favorite coffee house?

Maybe feature barstools at your kitchen counter or island, a home coffee bar area, decorative coffee mugs, a baked goods theme or coffee house kitchen decor accents.

Rustic Coffee Kitchen Decor

If your kitchen design is on the rustic or farmhouse side, then highlight some rustic coffee decor in your kitchen.

This might include some rustic coffee themed wall art, or a distressed farmhouse table that might be found at an old coffee shop.

You could also repurpose old coffee equipment to plant herbs, succulents, or store other kitchen items: an old coffee press, coffee pot or coffee bags.

Vintage Coffee Decor

Visit your local antique store, thrift shop or flea market to find all kinds of coffee-related vintage decor. 

You might use old cafe signs, coffee / tea canisters, tin coffee cans, old coffee bags turned into pillows or wall art, posters or vintage coffee cups.

Coffee Wall Decor

Don't forget to decorate your kitchen walls also - you can find all kinds of cute coffee themed kitchen plaques and signs, like these wall decals in our store. Or you can create your own collage of coffee bags and labels!

Coffee Themed Accents

There are all kinds of ways to accent your kitchen with coffee decor. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Highlight your windows with coffee themed kitchen curtains,
  • Use coffee house kitchen canisters to store coffee beans, tea bags, sugar or sweetener,
  • Cover your kitchen table with coffee design tablecloths,
  • Use coffee design kitchen towels and oven mitts,
  • Accent your floor with coffee theme kitchen rugs,
  • Feature interesting or colorful coffee cups and mugs, like this multicolored demitasse set:

Other Coffee Decor Ideas

Here are some other ideas to easily add that java feeling to your kitchen space:

* Fill some clear glass jars or bottles with coffee beans as decorative accents

* Paint your kitchen in cafe colors: rich shades of brown, mocha, beige and cream.

* Display a collection of coffee cups - you could even use them to hold plants, herbs, etc

* Add coffee-themed signage, a clock, or other wall art with a Java design,

* Display herbs, succulents, or other greenery planted in coffee tins or mugs, or turn an old glass coffee pot into a terrarium,

* Add a chalk board with a mini-menu or rules of the kitchen.

To really build out your coffee theme, think about more than just the drink: how can you use coffee beans? greenery that evokes coffee plantations? travel imagery from coffee growing areas? flavors that can enhance coffee (cinnamon, pumpkin, vanilla, hazelnuts, etc), baked goods that accompany a good cup of coffee (muffins, scones, doughnuts). The possibilities really are endless...

Visit our store here to browse all kinds of coffee-themed kitchen accents.

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